Are Private Dance Lessons For You? We Think So!

Need to improve your golf swing? Want a better singing voice? Everyone knows that private lessons are the best and quickest way to advance a new skill. Social dance lessons are no different. Here at Dance FX Studios in Mesa, Arizona, we strive to offer the best private dance lessons in the greater Phoenix area. From Salsa to Swing andTango to Two Step, you deserve top notch instruction. What should you expect out of a quality private dance lesson from us? Let’s talk about it!

Customized Dance Programs
Not everyone learns the same way. Some people are auditory learners, some need visual assistance, and some just need to feel it. In a private dance lesson at Dance FX Studios, whether you are learning to Country Swing or dance the Bachata, your instructor can focus on your particular learning style to guarantee the best results. You also get to make sure that you are focusing on the dances and styles you WANT to be learning. You can’t promise control like that in a group setting, or even at other dance studios for that matter.
Private dance lessons are available at Dance FX Studios 6 days a week, by appointment. When life gets crazy, private lessons offer the flexibility to work around your hectic schedule, instead of vice versa. And, since you choose when you come in, you get to be in charge of how fast you progress! Repetition and consistency are two key factors in learning a new skill, so being able to make it into the studio as often as you want is a total game changer.
Goal-oriented Learning
Private dance lessons with us involve goal-setting and focused instruction to help you achieve said goals. Because of the personalized attention towards your specific needs, private dance lessons at Dance FX Studios get you to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time possible-on that dance floor! Whereas group classes tend to focus on the general overview of a dance, private dance lessons can dig deep into the material. Not only does this lead to better instruction, but quicker progress!
If you live in the greater Phoenix area and want to grow as a dancer, check out our website. Dance FX Studios is located in Mesa, just off the 101 and the 60. We offer private dance lessons in everything from Country dancing, toLatin, to Swing to Argentine Tango! With an introductory offer of only $40, there’s no reason to NOT join us.